Is Music Really Beneficial For Kids?

Kids and music are a natural fit. Whether you’re singing a lullaby to your child or they are trying to make music of their own by using their toys, kids are hooked on music at a young age. That’s one addiction you should do everything you can to encourage because... read more

Tell Me On a Sunday – Interview

Below is a sneak peak of the delightfully charismatic Jodie Prenger’s question and answer session that took place in Act Two: Jodie: Thank you so much for having me back in Bristol! I have to say I am in shock. I never get invited the same place twice! Last year... read more

Music a Universal Language?

When we talk to each other, a huge amount of the meaning in those noises is learnt. Language is picked up from an early age through listening to our parents, then schooling – where one has access to it – teaches us more: vocab tests, spelling tests, grammar tests. We... read more

Tell Me on a Sunday – Review

From the age of nine, I have had a real love for the show Tell Me On a Sunday, after singing the title song at a showcase way back when. Since then I have watched four different performances of it, the most recent production starring Jodie Prenger at The Hipprodrome,... read more

Eurovision 2016

Eurovision 2016   After a long day at work, it was a wonderful revelation to remember that Eurovision was about to start on TV just as I got home. I have to admit I have never missed a year of it since I can remember and I absolutely love every element of it,... read more

The Benefits of Singing Lessons for Children

There is a growing body of evidence that suggests developing a child’s musical ability does have an impact on their more general intellectual development. Especially in their ability to handle language. This short article provides some background research which... read more

All The Way From Finland

It looks like the beautiful offspring of a baby grand piano and an acoustic guitar, with some subtle electric guitar sound-bending levers, is played like a harp on its side, or like a guitar on its back, but not really exactly like either of those. The sound is beautiful, can be picked, strummed or pressed. What is it?

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