EP Recording Sessions

What a great weekend with Band13 and Stage2Studios. Pulling an EP together in just two days this was a fun action-packed weekend with some great musicians and tech effects. For those that haven’t been in a recording studio this is a brave new world of foam clad,... read more

Voicebox Part 2

Professional voice users such as teachers, performers and singers can develop voice problems due to poor voice technique and vocal health. But how can this be resolved? I spent an evening with voice specialist  and speech therapist Madeleine Ashton to find out more.... read more

Debuting a Commission

The final 2015 performance of the Howells Voices choir was at Gloucester cathedral, where we debuted the eight-part piece, Holy is the True Light, commissioned for the choir by composer Ian Carpenter.  To keep you on your toes, this ethereal anthem was written with a... read more

Voicebox Part 1

Speech is fascinating: how the human body physically produces sound, and how the brain orchestrates it.  We use the same set of apparatus for both speech and singing – the lungs, diaphragm, larynx, vocal chords, and tongue to name a few. Not long ago I met with Speech... read more

Listening With Your Body

People usually assume that listening is done through the ear, but really there is so much more to listening. Let me introduce you to the great Evelyn Glennie, a talented musician, speaker and educator. She is the first person to have a full-time career as a solo... read more

So you think you’re tone deaf?

‘I can’t sing. I’m actually tone-deaf.’ This is a surprisingly common response when people find out that I’m a singing teacher. But of all the people in the world who get out of karaoke and carol singing with this line, very few actually are tone-deaf.... read more

Mozart and the Brain?

There’s always been debate on whether classical music increases IQ. But is there any scientific basis for this idea?  A TED talk on Music and the Brain, by Jessica Grahn*, discusses this issue. She starts the story in 1993, when there was a craze for playing... read more