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Laura, 33, Brislington

“Lessons with Victoria are fun, structured and fulfilling. She knows how to get the best out of your voice whilst making each lesson enjoyable. I got so much out of a short space of time and highly recommend her.”

Lizie, South Gloucester

 "Vicki has helped my daughter gain confidence and self esteem. My daughter enjoys her lessons and has become a confident singer! I would highly recommend Vicki."


Laura, 28, St George

“Victoria was amazing! I had problems with vocal nodules previously and it had really knocked my confidence, yet I really wanted to have a few quick lessons prior to singing at an event. Victoria quickly realised exactly what I wanted – and gave me helpful, constructive advice and comments on how to make this particular song performable in a short space of time. I came away from each lesson feeling so much more confident. Victoria was friendly, very accomodating and worked at my speed and level, I cannot recommend her highly enough.”


Becky, 41, Bristol

“I can recommend Victoria if you are feeling a bit nervous about trying a lesson, as she is very patient, and makes it fun.”

Caroline, East Bristol

I have found my singing lessons with Vicki very helpful. Knowing the techniques of breathing and opening my mouth has really improved my singing and my confidence has grown. I would definitely recommend Vicki.”

Amy, 18, Keynsham

I started singing lessons with Vicki a few months before character auditions. I can not stress enough how helpful her lessons were. She taught me how to control my nerves. She taught me how to reach the powerful high notes while controlling my voice, not allowing it to crack…Her lessons were fun and so helpful, and I even had people commenting on my voice and asking whether I had had lessons. In the end, I got the part of Fantine, which was huge…and I am proud to say, my voice didn’t crack once.

Anon, 41, Eastville

 “Victoria got me out of my shell straight away – I now have a focus and appreciation for singing and music that I am so grateful for.  I feel confident knowing I can develop and build on our time together.  Victoria is brilliant and calm with patience that is wonderful for first timers especially!  I felt more complete as a result of our invaluable lessons together.”

Maddy, 12

“I love my singing lessons! I learn lots of new songs! Vicki doesn’t make me do anything I don’t want too! There is no pressure! Vicki is nice and kind!”

Sam, Whitehall

“I wanted singing lessons in order to regain my confidence in my ability to sing. I was initially nervous but in no time I was singing in front of Vicki and she helped me get back in touch with my voice. She taught me crucially how to breath correctly, Vicki has a very positive way of encouraging  and I enjoyed the time I spent as her student.”