EP Recording Sessions

by | Feb 21,16 | Band, Song Writing

What a great weekend with Band13 and Stage2Studios. Pulling an EP together in just two days this was a fun action-packed weekend with some great musicians and tech effects. For those that haven’t been in a recording studio this is a brave new world of foam clad, deadened acoustic space, mic-ed up to expose every moment, expression and movement – gotta love it!

Starting with a raw click track through the headphones we got the drums and a fat bass layer down. Then came the keys and electric guitar – three different guitars, three different layers. And finally at the end of it all, down go the vocals. This EP starts with a Lament using ambient choral vocals and dirty electric guitar, followed by a couple of cleaner numbers, and finishing with a live-in-your-lounge-style finale.

Happy days. Stage2 caught the band’s vibe spot on and now Windfall has been laid down, mixed, and is ready to be mastered!

Thanks J, G, Jas, Sam and Becky for an awesome weekend.