Music for the Half Marathon

by | Aug 30,15 | Music

It’s two weeks today until the Bristol Half Marathon! Read on for some musical training tips to help you keep motivated.

Lots of people listen to music while they run, as it can positively affect your mood and reduce how much pain you feel! A study in Germany showed that runners preferred listening to music with a similar frequency to their physiological systems[1] (that is how much you shake up and down, and the electrical signals in your brain – 3 Hertz apparently). Also, synchronising your stride to the beat can help you maintain your speed.[2] So we prefer running when we feel that the music is in tune with our body, or vice versa. Watch out though… the brain can become desensitized – so using music when you really need it is much more effective than listening every time you run.

I will be running the Bristol Half this year. Gulp. I am a little bit nervous. I am running with a
couple of friends in aid of a fab charity called Bridges for Communities, who aim to create links between different cultures and communities. If you would like to sponsor my run – I’m feeling exhausted just thinking about it – click here

My playlist currently includes; Swedish House Mafia – One, Pharrell Willams – Happy, and some David Guetta. Got any tune recommendations to get me through those 13.1miles? Please name some below!