Tell Me On a Sunday – Interview

by | Aug 2,16 | Music, Performance, Theatre

Below is a sneak peak of the delightfully charismatic Jodie Prenger’s question and answer session that took place in Act Two:

Jodie: Thank you so much for having me back in Bristol! I have to say I am in shock. I never get invited the same place twice! Last year I embarked on a tour of Calamity Jane, and I tell you after fourteen months of being on tour those buckskins could walk on their own!

Do you have a dream role and/or roles that you would like to play and why?

I could do with a sausage roll right now, I’m starving! Because I’m just wasting away! Dream role, dream role, dream role? I’ve got two actually, my first dream role would be to play Mama Rose in Gypsy; it’s the music, it’s the overture, it gives me tingles! And the second one, I’d love to play Dolly Levi, because of the feather hat, but it’s the music again! And it would be nice to play such strong, outspoken women because it’s nothing like me. At all. Moving on…

If the girl in Tell me on a Sunday was you, would you travel that far for a man? 

Of course! Mind you, I wouldn’t travel far for the fella I’ve got right now, he’s only from down the road! No, but I think the part of Emma, what she did, I just love the fact that Andrew Lloyd Webber and Don Black set it back into the late seventies and early eighties, I mean it’s a great era, and the fact that she went all the way out there showed how much courage she had. And I don’t think she ever found love, but I think she found herself.

Do you have any pre show rituals or routines that you like to do? 

Ooh, I do! That’s a good question that. When I walk on, I’m holding a book and it has to be on chapter six. If it’s not on chapter six, the world will end. It’s really weird, but theatre is very superstitious, it’s like you’re not really allowed to whistle back stage and you have to turn around and swear, that’s what I blame it on anyway!

If you hadn’t gone into musical theatre, what would you be doing?

I did work in a curtain shop, but I was never very good at my times table so when they used to come to pick up the curtains I’d calculated, they were either too short or too full. I’m also a fully qualified nail technician. If you want a full set, it’s twenty quid at the stage door. But really, I think I would have my ultimate dream, and it’s the same as Doris Day’s; she’s got an animal sanctuary. And I have, ladies and gentlemen, just bought myself a farm. I arrived here early today and I went to the most wonderful place, and I’m welling up now, but I went to this dog rescue centre called Happy Ever After. They do such amazing work, so if I have a day off I’m going to do a few days work there!

What’s your favourite song from the show?

Do you know, Don Black was telling us that it was his first ever collaboration with The Lord, and I just think it’s some of their greatest stuff. I came in already loving the song Tell me on a Sunday, but then found little gems. I think my favourite’s ‘Capped teeth and Caesar Salad’ it always makes me chuckle! And I love ‘Nothing like you’ve ever known’, I’ve never known a song that is just so raw. He’s not too bad at writing a couple of tunes, is he?!